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Palmer and Polcyn Paving is an Inland Empire and Los Angeles County Asphalt Paving Company dedicated to serving the asphalt and concrete paving needs of Riverside and surrounding communities.

Job Well Done!
The company's purpose is to deliver affordable, long-lasting asphalt paving results that look good and reflect well on the property. Our long list of repeat paving clients is testament to providing quality results on time and on budget. 

Riverside County Asphalt Paving - Large and Small Commercial and Residential Asphalt Paving Jobs completed Affordably and On Time.

• Parking Lot Paving and Resurfacing
• Asphalt Driveways
• Asphalt Maintenance
• Parking Lot Striping and Signage
Asphalt StripingADA Parking Lot Striping
Residential Driveway Paving
About Asphalt
The basic ingredients in asphalt are Tar, Bitumen, Rock and Sand. When new, asphalt is a dark, dense solution disigned to be solid enough to support heavy vehicle traffic yet flexible enough to form to the compacted ground beneath it.

Asphalt's strength and load carrying ability comes from the rock and sand ingredients. Likewise, asphalt's flexibility comes from the sticky liquid characteristics of Tar and Bitumen. Depending on desireed characteristics and use patterns, these mixture ingredients will vary.
The enemies of asphalt are extreme weather, ultra violet (UV) rays and time. Heat and cold cause expansion and contraction while also drying out the flexible liquid properties of the Tar and Bitumen. Over time, asphalt oxidizes, turns light gray and begins to crack due to losing moisture. Without upkeep the cracks in asphalt become more pronounced and potholes begin to appear. The good news is that with proper asphalt maintenance asphalt's useful life can be greatly extended.

Asphalt Care - Sealcoating
Proper asphalt care is primarily about maintaining moisture in the mixture. This is done by sealcoating and filling in cracks and surface holes. Asphalt sealers deliver rejuvenating moisture while also sealing it into the pavement. Neglecting needed asphalt maintenance will simply speed up parking lot or driveway deterioration and the subsequent need for expensive asphalt removal and replacement.

Asphalt Economics
Cheaper and more flexible than similar concrete paving projects, asphalt has distinct advantages. However, the rising cost of oil based products affects the price of asphalt {along with everything else.) Thus the need to extend the life of an asphalt paving job is clear. Bi-Annual sealcoating is the relatively inexpensive recommendation for the longest lasting asphalt parking lots and driveways.
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