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Parking Lot Striping -- Safety and Liability
Striping of concrete and asphalt parking areas is mainly a safety and liability issue. Of course, a well marked parking lot gives a good impression, but for bussinesses and property owners a neglected parking area represents a major liability risk.

ADA Handicap Parking

We also use striping to help delineate handicap parking and paths of travel. All commercial and industrial facilities as well as any business that services the public, are subject to certain standards of practice by the city in the way of codes.

Repair, Seal, Stripe

Usually striping will last as long as the last sealcoat. Sealcoats are suggested every 3-5 years, depending on traffic and weather. When a sealcoat is applied the striping has to be redone. If any changes are desired, they should be done then. Any ADA compliance issue should also be addressed.

There are different types of paint, some with reflective qualities as well as some with qualities designed for concrete vs. asphalt. At the same time, any issues related to safety should also be addressed. Potholes, large cracks, low areas, should be repaired prior to sealing and striping. Insurance companies are more likely to insure a property if it is safe and up to code. Renewals can be expensive if regular maintenance is not done.

Parking Lot Signage

Along with striping are signage issues as well. There are handicap signs, entrance and directional signs as well as custom signs -- all integral servicies of the striping crew.

Car Stops
We also take care of furnishing and installing concrete parking bumpers. Depending on the age of the parking area, concrete bumpers can crack and expose the rebar, creating a hazard. The rebar pins sometimes push up with repeated impact of the tire and should be checked and pounded down. We also install on asphalt and concrete as well as multi-level parking structures.

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