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Chosing asphalt for commercial parking lots offers unique advantages with affordable cost at the top of the list. Other asphalt advantages include ease of repair and upkeep, high contrast striping and markings as well as favorable "curb appeal."

Asphalt Durability
Asphalt,properly installed on a good base,will last 30 years, provided the asphalt is sealcoated every three to five years. The elements that will affect the deterioration of any asphalt include the traffic, water and sunlight. Additionally, because we live in an area known for earthquakes, we have earth movement all the time.

Commercial Asphalt Repair
The ability to repair asphalt is its greatest strength. Portions can be removed. (patched) and repaved to allow for drainage and with sealing asphalt looks good and wears well for a long time.

Concrete Sections in Asphalt Parking Lots
Concrete is prevalent in heavy use/vehicle or otherwise special areas such as concrete approaches, curbs and gutters, sidewalks or flow lines. When concrete repairs are required they are easier and more economical when done at the same time as the asphalt repairs.
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